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PUPIL PREMIUM FUNDING  -2014/2015   - Available budget 2014-15 = £42200

We receive additional money from the Government to support the education of children who qualify for free school meals.  This is called the Pupil Premium.


The majority of our Pupil Premium budget has been spent employing staff which has resulted in increased teaching time and reduced class sizes, particularly in KS1.


Some of the budget is used to subsidise out of school trips which helps to ensure all children are able to benefit from educational visits.


Expenditure 2014-15:


Supply Teaching/T.L.A. from April 2014 to July 2014                            £15702

Extra 5 hours per week T.L.A. April 2014 to March 2015                      £  2819

KS1 extra teacher September 2014 to March 2015                              £18165

Extra 7.5 hours per week T.L.A. December 2014 to March 2015         £  1100

Coach hire 1 trip for each class                                                             £  1900


Budget remaining at end of 2014/2015          £2514


Impact of this expenditure

Value added in all subjects was broadly average or above for disadvantaged pupils and those who have special educational needs.


The proportion of disadvantaged Key Stage 2 pupils that attained at least Level 4 was equal to or above the national figure for other pupils in reading, writing and mathematics.



Pupils supported through pupil premium funding in 2013 were around half a term behind their classmates in mathematics and writing and almost a year behind in reading. This was a much narrower gap than had been the case in previous years. The provision for these pupils is now good and is having a continuing good impact on helping them catch up with the achievement of their classmates.”

Ofsted February 2014


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