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PUPIL PREMIUM FUNDING 2015/2016 - Available budget at 01.04.15 = £42840 + £2514 from previous year

Expenditure this year


Extra teacher from April 2015 - March 2016                                            £33000

Extra 12.5 hours per week T.L.A. April 2015 to March 2016                   £  5000

Coach hire 1 trip for each class                                                               £  1900

Extra TLA hours from September to March 2016 for                               £  5454

                 Pupil Premium Intervention Groups    


The majority of our Pupil Premium budget is being spent employing staff which has resulted in increased teaching time and reduced class sizes.  We have also introduced many subject interventions including Big Maths, success@arithmetic, 1stclass@number, Ditty and Talkboost.


Some of the budget is being used again this year to subsidise out of school trips which helps to ensure all children are able to benefit from educational visits.

We have had
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