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Monday 18 September 2017

We have been using our listening skills to play the traffic light game! We listened to Miss Hinitt and Mr Barson carefully when they shouted a colour, red was to tell us to stop, yellow told us to go steady and walk and green was to tell us to run. We really impressed our adults.

Wednesday 8tFebruary

Today Class 1 went to Queen's Park Sports Centre to take part in the Early Racers event. The children participated in 12 short activities with children from different schools that were based on living a healthy lifestyle and applying their newly acquired balance bike skills. The children certainly did us proud and impressed the organisers of the event, receiving the 'Spirit of the Games' award!

Our Balance Bikes session on Friday 13 January 2017

Thursday 24th November

This week with Mrs Richards we have been working on our balance and core stability again. We enjoyed playing various balancing games with beanbags and came up with some of our own interesting shapes and stretches too!

18 November 2016

This week with Mrs Richards, as well as developing our jumping and balance skills we also began to develop our core stability skills, check us out!

10 November 2016

We have been practising our jumping and balancing skills with Mrs Richards this week, the children especially love the bean game (ask them to show you: string bean, jumping bean, jelly bean, Mr Bean, French bean, baked bean and beans on toast)! We have also learnt how keeping our tummies nice and tight, looking forwards and using our arms can help us to balance on one foot. We used these skills to play a game of musical statues! When the music stopped we practised our balance, it was great fun and the children really encouraged each other which was fab to see!

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