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Safeguarding and Children’s Safety

One of my roles as Headteacher, that I take particularly seriously, is Designated Safeguarding Lead. At Holme Hall Primary School we consider Safeguarding and keeping children safe an extremely important aspect of our work. We want all our children to feel safe both inside and out of school so they can enjoy their learning and achieve to their full potential.

There are many different ways that we do this through teaching children about safety, monitoring and assessing safety systems and keeping up to date with new developments and requirements for Safeguarding. The following is a list of what we do at Holme Hall Primary School to keep our children safe:

  • Safeguarding Assemblies - We hold regular assemblies for all the children to talk about:

    • Fire Safety and evacuation procedures

    • Awareness of school visitors

    • Building security

    • NSPCC and Childline.This web site has direct links to CEOP, NSPCC and Childline

  • All children in school receive eSafety lessons every term that are guided by the advice provided by the CEOP website

  • Children have lessons from teachers from Chesterfield College about Sexting, Anti Bullying and Equality and Diversity.

  • We have regular visits from the local Community Police who talk to children about keeping safe outside school

  • We have regular visits from the Fire Prevention Officer who talk to children about fire safety

  • Our Y6 children have an annual Safety Crew session which deals with:

    • drug awareness

    • water safety

    • electricity safety

  • Every term children practise a fire evacuation procedure. We can clear the building of all staff and children in under 2 minutes!

  • Our KS2 children receive Bikeability lessons to help them keep safe on their bicycles

  • We have a very effective Super Star behaviour reward system that encourages children to behave well, respect others and keep each other safe

  • All children in school have had basic first aid training provided by St Johns (April 2016)

  • All children are regularly reminded about how they can seek help from any member of school staff

  • We have regular visits from the NSPCC who talk to children about keeping safe

  • We have a robust system for recording and reporting disclosures from children and concerns from parents and staff. We always follow-up Safeguarding concerns through seeking advice from LA’s Starting Point service, making referrals to Social Care or the MAT and informing parents when appropriate.

  • I join regular Forum meetings, run by the LA, to discuss Safeguarding

  • I, in my role as Designated Safeguarding Lead, attend case conferences for children who are on the child protection register

  • All staff receive regular Safeguarding training to ensure we are all up to date with the latest recommendations. Recent training has included Radicalisation and Extremism and Sexting.

  • We have two fully trained Paediatric First Aiders who regularly attend refresher training courses. All staff have received basic first aid training

  • We are supported by one of our school governors who has an expertise in Safeguarding. We meet regularly to assess our school Safeguarding systems and procedures

  • All staff and volunteers hold current DBS certificates and these are updated and renewed every 3 years

  • We maintain a record of all visitors to the school

  • We have a file containing all the latest Safeguarding policies and procedures that are approved by Governors

  • We have an eSafety Group made up of teachers, Governors, our IT Technician and children who meet regularly to develop the eSafety policy, review our eSafety procedures and monitor eSafety in school.

  • We have a Medical Conditions notice board in the staff room which identifies specific children’s medical needs and notifiable illness symptoms

  • The Governors’ Building Committee regularly update the school’s Health and Safety policy and assist the caretaker in an annual building condition survey

  • Our broadband Internet connection is secured with a firewall to prevent unwanted online content. We have a system of recording and reporting obscene content that is shared with all children, however due to the robust firewall we have never had to use it.

  • We now have a brand new Fire Alarm System in the building (May 2016)

  • All external doors are fitted with Finger Safe protection

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy

Parental Controls Guide

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