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Star of the Week

Friday 10th March

Oliver is this week's Star of the Week. He has impressed us with his addition knowledge and his Superhero writing!

Friday 24th February

Lilly has been making sure she tries to be the best that she can be! Today Lilly received her Bronze star too, well done Lilly, we are proud of you!

Friday 3rd February

Isabella is our Star of the Week. She has been working hard on her writing this week, making sure she has been applying her phonics!

Friday 27th January

Bella has impressed us all with her Pippa Positive attitude. She is always so kind and helpful and has been giving it her all this week, she deserves our Star of the Week award.

20 January 2017

This week's Star of the Week is Harvey! He has been trying really hard in phonics to blend and segment and is now enjoying reading, especially on Bug Club! He has a brilliant sense of humour and his class say that he is always trying to be the best that he can be and make the best inventions possible in the construction area!

13 January 2017

Our Star of the Week this week is Henry! Henry has wowed us with his positivity and contributions in class. He has been applying his phonics and is trying to be the best that he can be in all subject areas!


Friday 2 December 2016

Wow, Bethany is our star of the week. She has been ready to learn and has given it her all this week! Well done Bethany, we are proud of you! 


Friday 25th November

Wow! This week Sneaky has chosen to go home with Erin who is our Star of the Week. He has been amazed at how Pippa Positive she is, how she always tries to be the best that she can be and how she is always kinds to others.

18 November 2016

Wow! This week’s Star of the week is Archie! He has blown us away with some super measuring in maths and some fantastic reading this week! He always tries to be the best that he can be. Well done Archie!

11 November 2016

Wow!  Libby is our Star of the Week!  She has been working really hard in phonics, is soooo helpful in our classroom and she has been a whizz in maths!


Who will Sneaky choose next week?


4 November 2016

Wow!  Well done Layla, our Star of the Week!  You have impressed us all with your phonics, your positive attitude to learning and your cheeriness.

Who will Sneaky choose next week?


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