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This term we have been 'Rocking in our School Shoes' and have done a variety of art work. We have drawn self-portraits of us on our first day of school, we've painted photos of our families, made 2D shape faces and have created ceramic self-portraits to sell at our enterprise afternoon on Monday 16th October.
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Visit from the Police - 12th October 2017

Visit from the Police - 12th October 2017 1
Visit from the Police - 12th October 2017 2
Visit from the Police - 12th October 2017 3
Visit from the Police - 12th October 2017 4
Visit from the Police - 12th October 2017 5
Visit from the Police - 12th October 2017 6
Visit from the Police - 12th October 2017 7
Visit from the Police - 12th October 2017 8

Friday 23 June 2017

Our topic, In the Garden got off to a flying start! We have been planting broad beans, sunflowers, carrot seeds and sweet peas to develop our understanding of how plants grow and what they need to survive. We have also looked at different types of garden flowers and their names and have designed our own gardens choosing our favourites. On Wednesday 21st June we discussed the difference between evergreen and deciduous trees and went on a tree hunt to see which trees we could find in our school environment!


For the remainder of the term, we will be focussing on minibeasts to help us prepare for our school trip to the Tropical Butterfly House on Friday 14th July!


W/e Friday 28th April 2017

'The Day the Dinosaurs Came'

We have been dinosaur ‘egg-sperts’ this week! After finding and following a trail of prehistoric footprints, we discovered a large egg nestled in a tyre in our outdoor area...

Some children made warning signs to protect it whilst we decide how we can keep the egg safe. We are yet to find out where the egg has come from and which type of dinosaurs it might belong to but the children are on the case and have enjoyed looking in lots of non-fiction books to find about different dinosaurs.

Friday 10th March


This week we have been busy planting potatoes in our garden following on from our Book, Supertato. We have learnt about the potato planting process and what they need to grow. We will be checking on the potatoes every few weeks to see how they are growing and we hope to cook and eat some and also sell them in the summer term.

Wednesday 8th February

Mrs Houghton was able to find more video footage for the children to help them solve the mystery of the gingerbread men. In the latest footage they were seen to be exploring in Class 3! The children were excited that they had more evidence to help with their investigation, but with a trip to Queen’s Park in the afternoon, were worried that they might get away and so they decided to make ‘Missing’ posters to inform other classes. The children wrote about where they were last seen, what they looked like and where to return them to if they were found whilst we were out on our trip. It was brilliant to see the whole class writing at the same time, helping each other to apply their phonics and form letters. The children put the posters up around school before leaving for their trip.

It seemed the posters worked, as by Thursday morning we received a letter in the post from the gingerbread men. In their letter they explained the true reason for breaking into our school. They wanted to see what a school was really like and so had escaped their book to visit Holme Hall. After a couple of days of exploring, they decided it was time for them to go home, but not before leaving the children one last investigation. With their letter, the gingerbread men sent a series of clues which would lead them to a special treat. The children were fantastic at cracking the clues which lead them to many places, the library and Mr Husken’s office to name a couple, and they finished their hunt in the community room where they found a plate of treats and a story book.

It was a fantastic end to our topic this term. Next term the children have voted for their topic and they will be learning about ‘Heroes and People Who Help Us’. Keep an eye on our topic page for updates on what we have been learning!

Warning! Gingerbread on the loose!

On Tuesday Morning, Mrs Houghton sent Class 1 some video footage from our security cameras in school. The footage showed a group of gingerbread men entering our classroom through the bottom door on the evening of Monday 6th February.

The children and I were totally shocked by this footage and it sparked lots of conversation. What were they doing here? Where had they come from? What were they running from and where are they now?

The children decided that we should draw a picture of the gingerbread men and use them to help us search our classroom for them or evidence of where they could have gone. The children looked high and low and visited Mrs Cowley in Class 3 to see if she had seen anything unusual. The children found some evidence in our classroom, such as footprints and gingerbread crumbs which seemed to lead towards the library.

The children decided it would be a good idea to ask Mrs Houghton if she could check the security cameras again for evidence of where they could have gone. We hope to see more footage on Wednesday morning that will help us to find the missing gingerbread. In the meantime, the children have built various traps from construction materials for the gingerbread to leave over night in hope that they can catch them!

Thursday 2 February 2017

We have baked our gingerbread people this week in our topic afternoons. The children have loved every moment of it, but especially the eating part! The children were able to use their senses to discuss their gingerbread people, how they smelt, how they looked, how they felt and most importantly, in their eyes, how they tasted. The vocabulary the children used and have recorded in their topic books was impressive! To end the day we settled in and had a traditional tale by the 'roaring fire' eating our gingerbread, we loved it!

Wednesday 25 January

Today we have visited our local supermarket to purchase ingredients for Gingerbread People. We had spent some time writing our shopping lists and so naturally the children were very excited to put them to some use! They worked in groups to search the store for a particular item, thinking carefully about where they might find the ingredients… would they be in the fridge? On the shelves? In the freezer?

We also talked about the processes of shopping and how we needed to queue up to pay, the children were fantastic at this and made me very proud. They really showed the public just how amazing children at Holme Hall are!

We can’t wait to bake our gingerbread people next week… and to taste them! Perhaps the children will even gobble them up in one bite like in the story! Yum!

Friday 16 December 2016

Our topic for the term, Let's Celebrate, is coming to an end! It has been really interesting learning about what times are special and why in different religions.  


We have learnt a lot about the meaning of Christmas during this term, from our peers, Reverend Green and from the Story of Mary and Joseph. We have enjoyed discussing some of our Christmas traditions and preparing for our Christmas performance on Monday 19th December! 


18 November 2016

This week we have been learning about polar animals!  We have found some interesting facts about penguins, such as a large group of penguins is called a colony, the fathers look after the eggs until they hatch and that penguins huddle together to keep warm.  We had a go at huddling together as a colony of penguins.

In Literacy...

We have read some fantastic books, including Poles Apart by Jeanne Willis Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers, Penguin and Pinecone by Salina Yoon and The Emperor's Egg by Martin Jenkins.

We have used our new knowledge, specifically about penguins and polar bears, to create some fabulous shape poems that will be available to see on our cloakroom display board very soon!

10 November 2016

We have had a busy couple of weeks looking at the celebration of Diwali. We have created salt dough divas, hand print painted elephants, Rangoli window patterns and paper plate divas in our creative area. The children's fascination with the story of Rama and Sita led to the creation of our own goodies and baddies in Literacy. The children have had some fabulous ideas, from dragons and foxes that live in clouds and houses, to mummies and princesses that live in castles and caves. 


Next week we will be celebrating the change of weather and seasons - looking at polar environments and inhabitants! We will be having a special visitor to come and talk to the class about the arctic circle. It would be lovely if the children brought in a woolly hat on Tuesday to wear when our visitor comes! 

We have had
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