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Visit to Southwell House - 21 September 2017

We were transported back to 1841 for the day at Southwell workhouse! The Master and Matron admitted the children, asking them their name and age and why they needed to come to the workhouse.  Then we had a tour round the workhouse by one of the paupers, who sang to scare the rats away which really annoyed the Master!  The children had a lesson in the schoolroom and wrote their alphabet on a slate.  They had to copy it neatly!  They looked in the bedrooms and the cellars and learned about the privy!  We all felt like we were really were in Victorian times!

Friday 10th March 2017

Sam Gummer's gran came to talk to us about her childhood in India. She brought in some clothing and artefacts to look at and answered questions about life in India.

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